On the picture: Investments Panel with Georgy Manolov, co-founder of  KOWN Investment Club, Todor Breshkov, co-founder of LAUNCHub, Liliya Stoyanova, founder of Transformify and Angel Angelov co-founder of GarGarage.

Last week the event Tech Origin took place in Plovdiv.

The initiators of GarGarage presented their project to the IT community in Plovdiv. TechOrigin Plovdiv brought together local technology entrepreneurs, experts, and investors who discussed the potential of the city in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

Angel Angelov, Zhivko Todorov, Todor Popov and Anton Andonov presented the goals and ideas of GarGarage. They said that besides their startup products by early next year they will start the process of working on external products which will include financing startups, a co-working space, educational mentoring programs and trainings, and providing business development solutions for the startups in Plovdiv.

GarGarage was created with the support of 10 partner companies.

The project is also in a partnership with Plovdiv technology cluster in order to develop startup’s ecosystem in the city.

"In recent years there has been a very good development of the Bulgarian startup ecosystem, which was thanks to the European funding, the entrepreneurship of the Launchub, Eleven and other Venture Capital Funds and the pre accelerators that were in good partnership with technology entrepreneurs. What we found out is that at this stage in the early phase of creating businesses there is a lack of an incubator accelerator with a good response abroad. So we decided to do it. The experience we add to the ecosystem is good and varied. At the beginning of next year we will start the process and work on outdoor products which will include financing, co-working space, mentoring programs, training and a development businesses. " - Stated Angel Angelov, co-founder of GarGarage in the beginning of his presentation.

The program of the event included discussion panels with two thematic focuses:

- "Investments in technology startups"

- "The technology industry in Plovdiv”.

The panels were attended by representatives of companies such as Transformify, Launchub and KOWN, who shared their experience in the investment of technology startup companies as well as interesting stories about their own successful business path.

On the picture: Filip Filipov by Skyscanner.net

Extremely detailed presentation of Skyscanner.net was among intesting and informative. Filip Filipov also gave very clear guidance to all tech entrepreneurs, regarding technologies and applications, based on global studies.

During the discussion panels the guests payed attention to the advantages of Plovdiv for developing technology products.

One of them was good and supportive attitude of the municipality to the technological businesses, projects and initiatives. More and more tech companies from Sofia make offices in Plovdiv, which is perceived as a positive sign and the participants expressed their hope that fewer people would leave the city to seek their realization beyond.

GarGarage is a very ambitious project to support technological entrepreneurship in Plovdiv, advising startups in the city, connecting with investors and Venture Capitals, mentoring from professionals in strategic business planning and marketing, and supporting the improvement in product development. The organizers expressed their intentions to develop their project in Sofia and Varna in the future.

Dec 8, 2016 By Marina Savyovska