Bulgarian Startups aims to operate the biggest startup and services database in Bulgaria. We offer in-depth information and   overview. Our services will help jumpstart your startup. 


The potential for startups in Bulgaria is great but many lack the connection to investors, creative minds & doers. Bulgarian Startups has the goal to do exactly this: to connect!  

One Voice

We aim to become Bulgaria's voice for startups and raise recognition of innovative companies, by being the first point of contact for politics and the press. 

Our Goal

Bulgarian Startups unites the smartest entrepreneurs in Bulgaria.

We all share the same vision:

design amazing products

and help develop the future

for startups in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Startups opens the community up for new members and provides an overview of the startup ecosystem in Bulgaria.

Want to connect with like-minded people close to you? Work on exciting projects together? We considered it. That's why we created a network of Local Representatives. Find out who's the right person to speak to!